My Journey to Become a SOC Analyst


Today marks my first day to work as a SOC analyst. Perhaps one thing I have learned over the years is to be persistent, never stop grinding and chasing down your dream. Here is my timeline for me to achieve my dream. This journey never means to be easy but I love it and had so much fun seeing myself grow over the years. I have met so many amazing people in the community and I learned so much from each one of you. Thank you Cybersecurity community.

2014 - Started as an exchange student in Texas

2017 - Attended first cybersecurity club meeting at my university

2017 - Competed for my first CTF with the National Cyber League

2019 Jan - Security+ Certified

2019 Feb - CySA+ Certified

2019 April - Went to my first Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

2020 Jan - Signed Up Virtual Hacking Labs

2020 July - OSCP Certified

2020 Aug - Started my Blog

2020 Sep - Blue Team Level 1 (BTL1) Certified

2020 Sep - Cracked one famous exam from ISC2

2020 Sep - Splunk Core User Certified

2020 Dec - eCTHP Certified

2020 Dec - Graduated from Network Security Program from Fanshawe college

2021 Jan - Passed my AZ-500 exam from Microsoft

2021 Jan - Signedup Blue Team Labs Online and grinding on it

2021 March - eCIR Certified

2021 March - Started my Youtube Channel

2021 May - eCPPT Certified

2021 May - Hired as a SOC Analyst